Acre Unifies Global Security Solutions at Intersec 2024

Dubai World Trade Center

Acre security announces its participation in Intersec 2024, taking place on 16–18 January 24 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Over the past seven months, acre security has unified its operations into a single, cohesive global business. This transformation underscores their commitment to providing streamlined and efficient experiences for their clients worldwide.

At acre security, they understand that in today’s interconnected world, security threats know no borders.

That is why acre has made its mission to create a unified network of security solutions that can be seamlessly implemented across different countries and industries.

Intersec 2024

At Intersec 2024, acre security will showcase its powerful solution portfolio that includes access control, visitor management, intrusion detection, transmission, connectivity, and cyber security solutions. Their single portfolio is designed to secure your two most valuable assets: employees and facilities.

Acre will be offering demonstrations for smooth migration and upgrade strategies for existing acre access solutions to its cloud-based solution. Join in an exclusive sneak peek of cutting-edge AP03 access controllers and downstream devices, designed to provide advanced security features and improved control. Excited to exhibit collaborations with Transmission and seismic detectors for joint technology enclosures.

Acre solutions can be delivered in three simple ways – via the cloud, through an on-premise installation, or through a blended approach – to meet your unique needs. During the show, they will be showcasing Feenics Cloud-Based Access Control Solution, which is hosted in the UAE, providing localized support and service.

“We are excited to be participating in Intersec 2024 and showcasing our unified global security solutions,” Alexander Holmström, Global Sales Director, acre security.

“We are confident that our solutions will provide our clients with the best possible security experience.”

Acre security has played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of security technology initiatives on a global scale. visit:

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