Face Detection And Recognition By Airlive IVS

Airlive MD3025 IVS

AirLive, one of the most advanced international IP Surveillance Networking products and solutions provider is announcing its participation at INTERSEC Dubai 2014 (SAEED ARENA HALL, Booth: 1004C).

AirLive will showcase its latest Surveillance Networking Solutions and innovative products: Speed Dome Smart Tracking, Face Detection by IVS IPCam, FishEye IPCam, 5- and 3-Megapixel IP-Cameras, Magapixel@30fps ONVIF IP-Cameras, 802.3at PoE Switches, and NVR solutions.

AirLive’s IP Surveillance Networking Solutions fit well in all applications from Home, Enterprise, Business (Hotel, Shopping Mall, Retail Shop), Public Construction (Station, Train Station, and Airport), WISP, etc.

AirLive introduces new cameras with the IVS Face Detection & Recognition function – MD-3025-IVS and BU-3026-IVS . Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) system

Face Detection & Recognition provides advanced, accurate video analytic that can be used to search, track, classify, and identify faces of people in the monitored area. This function automatically detects and captures a person’s face in a special database.

The system alerts the operator when a face is detected in the frame of the image. The function provides a security shield at the entrance to prevent the unauthorized person to enter and the system creates a database of employees and other people for authorized access.

The camera located at the entrance can record all who pass by the front door and save their faces into the database. If a face is detected and it’s not stored in database – proper information will be displayed.

IVS is an excellent solution for use in public places such as airports, stadiums, border crossings, offices, shopping mall, and buildings.

• Traditional access control systems allow use of an access card by an unauthorized person. The IVS authenticates the card owner by automatically comparing his face with the image stored in the database.

• Identification of the face at the border crossing and comparing faces in the video monitoring with a photo in the passport.

• Face Search is a great time-saver in case of investigation procedures and search suspicious behavior on the video – each registered face image is linked to the relevant section of the recording.

Source: airlive.com