Alan B. Levan|NSU Broward Center bring Active Threat Responce System

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Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation Accelerates CERA Software’s Development to Align and Improve First Responder Communications During Critical Life-Threatening Situations

Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation (“Levan Center”) announce the adoption of CERA (Critical Event Response Applications) by the Town of Davie.  CERA’s first-of-its-kind technology was developed by a team of experts in law enforcement, public safety, technology, and education policy to meet the personal safety and security needs of today’s increasingly unpredictable world. The system’s advanced features help emergency responders from all agencies (police, fire, search and rescue, EMS, etc.) to seamlessly communicate to contain an emergency scene, neutralize threats, and treat and evacuate the injured more rapidly.  

CERA founder, Ed McGovern, is a retired 22-Year Law Enforcement Major & Tactical Commander who witnessed first-hand the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 and has since devoted his time to helping empower critical response teams by improving emergency response communications.

His experience shaped the development of features geared specifically towards providing first responders with the location of the incident, location of the suspects and location of those injured to ensure the most rapid and effective response.

“Technology has revolutionized the world we live in – there is an App for almost everything. But the emergency response process has continued to struggle due to antiquated communication systems that slow information sharing between emergency responders during an event,” said Edward McGovern, Founder and CEO of CERA.

“Thanks to our work with the Levan Center, we have been able to customize CERA to be nimble and adapt to the modern safety and security needs of a given situation, and garner respect within the tech community.”

CERA System

As a member of the Levan Center since October of 2021, CERA has benefited from the wide array of advanced technology available to members that the Levan Center offers including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities, in addition to the ever-growing network of stakeholders with an immense interest and passion for public well-being.

The 1st Generation of the CERA System went live in December 2021, only two months after CERA moved into the Levan Center. Since then, CERA successfully tested their product during Active School Shooter Scenarios at a client school, Masters Academy, and successfully merged their entire platform onto Microsoft Azure Government, which is Military-Grade Encryption Cloud Technology designed for US government agencies (and their partners) that meets government security and compliance requirements. While CERA has been months in the making, their move into the Levan Center has propelled the idea of CERA into a reality.

“CERA has been a wonderful addition to the Levan Center, and we’re so proud to support Ed and his team with the initial roll out of CERA right here in our hometown, the Town of Davie, and soon to be cities across the nation,” said John Wensveen, Ph.D., NSU’s Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of the Levan Center.

“With the growing need for improved emergency response, I am beyond excited that the Levan Center has been able to assist in bringing CERA into action and we look forward to seeing how it grows in the coming years and how it begins to save lives.”

The Levan Center’s goal is to develop, nurture and attract innovation and talent that will propel the South Florida Region (Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties) into the foremost hub in the country’s global tech and innovation ecosystem – and CERA helps to do just that.

As a gateway and connector between entrepreneurs, leading companies, students, and potential investors in the region, the Levan Center has provided CERA with the access to other early-stage and young-startup companies, corporate partners, mentoring opportunities, a technology-focused makerspace, a showcase and pitch area, technology and innovation skills classes, and more.

With the Levan Center now being their official Headquarters, CERA has partnered with the Levan Center for the long-term. The Levan Center team will continue to support CERA as it rolls out it’s up-to-the-minute technology in cities nationwide, in addition to supporting the ongoing development of its product, making emergency response communication more seamless and more effective throughout the county.

“Whether it’s investors, potential clients, or tech communities, the Levan Center supported and assisted in driving CERA into the tech space needed to maximize its upcoming adoption and acceleration,” added McGovern.

“Moving our headquarters to the Levan Center, propelled us into legitimacy. CERA is now a member of South Florida Tech Hub and the Society for Information Management (SIM). We have also been introduced to potential clients from Florida and around the country.”

The CERA system is composed of four parts:

  1. CERA Mobile: For Teachers, Students, Police, Fire, EMS CERA Mobile helps teachers and students report locations and details of suspects and injured persons and submits updates in real-time. For police and Emergency Services, CERA Mobile helps them quickly respond, getting them to where they need to be, and keeps them constantly updated.
  2. CERA OpsCenter: For Police, Fire, and EMS CERA OpsCenter is an App that provides Police Commanders and EMS personnel with real-time situational information and easy-to-use features to take control of a critical event. CERA OpsCenter helps police apprehend the suspect and EMS treat and evacuate injured people.
  3. CERA Web: For Managers and Commanders CERA Web helps schools, police departments, and EMS agencies manage their organizations, employees, students and much more. Police can virtually connect with schools to pre-set perimeters, geo-fences, and command posts, helping them more quickly and effectively respond to a critical event.
  4. CERA OpenPlatform: Connectors for third-party systems CERA OpenPlatform provides seamless connections for third-party Apps such as panic button applications, allowing police and EMS to manage their response from a single, centralized platform. CERA can also integrate as part of Real-Time Crime Centers.

The Town of Davie is implementing CERA on February 8 and the expectation is to have all personnel thoroughly trained and the system in place by March 1.

The Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation (Levan Center) is a public-private partnership between Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and Broward County. The Levan Center is focused on three themes (innovation, technology, entrepreneurship) and four pillars known as the Founder’s Journey (Ideate, Incubate, Accelerate, Post-Accelerate). visit

CERA is an Active Threat Response system for iOS, Android, and web-based systems. Visit

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