Brivo Launches Fully Integrated Visitor Management Solution for Its Physical Security Platform

Brivo Visitor

Brivo announces the release of Brivo Visitor, a fully integrated kiosk solution for visitor management. Brivo Visitor provides guest identity and photo capture, delivery management, arrival notifications, badge printing, customized questions and journaling of visitor records to the same centralized database as the core Brivo access system.

The benefit is a secure, streamlined visitor and compliance experience in lobbies of multi-tenant commercial properties, standalone offices, and reception areas in private company suites.

The visitor experience in commercial properties has long been a sore spot for both visitors and building occupants. Time-consuming sign-in requirements slow down visitor intake and create frustrating backlogs in busy buildings.

Paper logs are subject to loss and damage, not easily replicated or distributed, lack privacy, and do not always meet compliance requirements. Finding and notifying the visitor’s host also consumes valuable time at guard stations and reception desks.

“Modern offices want a fully integrated security ecosystem that enhances the occupant and visitor experience at the same time it provides security,” says John Szczygiel, EVP and COO of Brivo.

“Brivo Visitor meets this need with an additional layer of security, matched with a welcoming visitor experience. Employees and tenants appreciate it because they get immediate notification of guest arrival on their mobile phones.”

Brivo Visitor solves an additional pain point that stand-alone systems cannot address: data integration with the customer’s core enterprise security systems. Brivo Visitor is built on top of Brivo’s flagship security cloud platform.

This architecture benefits both customers and resellers. For customers, this means that visitor management is part of the same web and mobile application suite they already know how to use. For partners , Brivo Visitor is an easy add-on to any new access control system. It can be added to existing accounts remotely, with no truck roll.

With customizable workflows for visitor sign-in/out, delivery notifications and help requests, customers can tailor the experience to meet their individual needs. Brivo Visitor also enables customized questions to appear during visitor sign-in so companies can ask questions such as if the visitor has experienced recent illness or traveled out of the country.

This provides users with a real-time way to gather visitor information and have the confidence that they are protecting all building occupants. Additionally, companies can set up badge printing from AirPrint-enabled printers for visitor badges that clearly display their identification.

Brivo Visitor uses any commercially available iPad and kiosk to easily complement office decor and accessibility requirements. The Brivo Visitor app is distributed via the Apple App Store, and is activated through a subscription available from Brivo authorized resellers.

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