CareVia Selected As Official Video Safety And Biometric Patient Monitoring Platform For Intelligent Hospital Pavilion At HIMSS 2014


CareVia, the premier provider of remote patient monitoring and communications, and the Intelligent Hospital, a subsidiary of the RFID in Healthcare Consortium, announced that CareVia will be the official video safety and biometric patient monitoring platform for the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS 2014 in Orlando, Fla., from Feb. 23-26, 2014. As the healthcare landscape shifts to value-based care, the importance of making patient biometric data available in real-time has become increasingly important to the success of clinical and wellness organizations.

A simple solution to a complex problem, CareVia automates key elements of remote population monitoring, management, and communication, allowing for a real-time bi-directional flow of data, insights, and communications.

An end-to-end software solution, CareVia provides a secure means to acquire, transmit, store, and access biometric patient information remotely at the hospital, in the home or on the go. As part of its service suite, CareVia also provides integrated HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and safety surveillance.

With over 7,000 visitors last year, the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion is one of the most popular attractions at HIMSS, and will provide exciting demonstrations and use cases of health information technology from multiple collaborating vendors.

At the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion, CareVia will be showcasing its remote monitoring and video safety platform. The operating rooms, intensive care unit, patient recovery rooms, cardiovascular center, and home will be wired with CareVias monitoring technology.

The video footage will be streamed in real-time to monitors in and around the Pavilion with simultaneous overlays of biometric data that is gathered and transmitted using CareVias proprietary software. Additionally, CareVia will be providing two-way, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing between the home and pharmacy and also between the operating room and offsite specialists. […]


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