Dahua Technology USA Now Offering Free Video Analytics Upgrade For Select Dahua IP-Cameras, NVRs and HCVRs

Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology USA, a high-value, total security solutions provider, announces a free intelligent video system analytics (IVS) upgrade for all its Pro, Super, and Ultra Series network fixed cameras and all NVRs and HCVRs for improved security operations.

The free firmware upgrade is available on the Dahua Wiki for customers who possess models without IVS features.

“With the adoption of video analytics becoming more widespread, Dahua’s game-changing strategy of offering customers free video analytics further exemplifies the Dahua difference,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dahua Technology USA. “This powerful analytic upgrade provides customers with a cost-effective, intelligent solution that helps minimize an operator’s time searching for data, increases effectiveness, and reduces response time.”

IVS enables cameras and recorders to operate more intelligently and efficiently, analyzing video content in real time to improve safety, security, and operations. Features such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and tripwire immediately alert users of unwanted visitors on the premises, while more sophisticated analytics such as heat mapping and people counting allow users to collect valuable data on their business operations. By building IVS capabilities into its cameras and recorders, Dahua provides customers with the opportunity to benefit from video analytics without the need for a dedicated analytics server.

Premium analytic features are now standard on all Pro (4000 & 5000 Series), Super (6000 & 8000 Series), and Ultra (8000 Series) fixed network cameras. These features are also standard on Super (6000) and Ultra (7000) Series NVRs and on all HCVRs.

These features include detection of:

  • Motion – An alarm is triggered when motion occurs in a defined area.
  • Tripwire – An alarm is triggered when an object crosses the defined area.
  • Intrusion – An alarm is triggered when a person or object enters or exits a defined area.
  • Scene Change – Detects if there is a change in the scene and triggers an alarm according to the judgement.
  • Abandoned/Missing Object – Detects when an object is abandoned or is removed from a specified area.

Advanced analytic features are now standard on Super (6000 & 8000) and Ultra (8000) Series fixed network cameras and on Super (6000) and Ultra (7000) Series NVRs.

Features are as follows:

  • Facial Detection – The camera automatically captures a person’s face and sends the snapshot to the NVR for analysis and processing (also on Pro 4000 & 5000 fixed network cameras).
  • People Counting – Counts the number of people entering/exiting a specified area.
  • Heat Mapping – Analyzes body heat to highlight the area(s) with the highest population for monitoring activity and conducting business analysis.
Source: dahuasecurity.com