Dahua USA First To Market With 4MP PTZ HD-Over-Coax Cameras

Dahua Technology USA, a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions proven the world over, is the first to market with an HD-over-coax 4MP 30x optical zoom PTZ camera. Part of Dahua’s HDCVI 3.0 series, the camera seamlessly integrates with legacy video surveillance systems to deliver the industry’s highest PTZ image quality and range.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the highest resolution HD-over-coax PTZ camera options on the market,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, senior product marketing manager, Dahua Technology USA. “These newest additions to our HDCVI 3.0 Ultra Series bring high value to installers who are seeking optimal distance and clarity, along with plug-and-play installation, when updating existing coaxial infrastructure.”

Dahua’s HDCVI technology simultaneously transmits three signals (video, audio, and control) over a single cable at a distance of up to 700m for RG6 cable and 500m for RG59. Dual-way data transmission lets HDCVI cameras communicate with a DVR to send control signals or trigger alarms. A BNC video output connection allows the cameras to integrate seamlessly with various devices, including analog matrix systems and monitors.

Dahua’s new HDCVI 3.0 4MP PTZ cameras are available in four different form factors: two indoor/outdoor IR 30x PTZs, an indoor/outdoor PTZ, and an indoor 30x PTZ.

“4MP PTZs deter criminal activity by providing a wider field of view, making these 30x optical zoom cameras perfect for applications that have dedicated operators who need increased situational awareness,” Hackenburg added.

Additional features include wide dynamic range (WDR) technology to achieve vivid images in lighting conditions with intense contrast. For rapidly changing bright- and low-light applications, they provide True WDR (120dB) that optimizes both bright and dark areas in a scene at the same time to capture functional video.

The cameras are equipped with defog capabilities that utilize Dahua’s advanced algorithm technology to dynamically adjust contrast settings, improving image quality in scenes affected by fog, smog, mist, smoke, or other low-contrast interference.

Designed for harsh environments and extreme temperatures, the cameras’ housings have been subjected to rigorous dust and water immersion tests: each model has an IP66 or IP67 protection rating. Select models are equipped with a built-in heater and a temperature range of 40 degrees below zero to 158 degrees (Fahrenheit). Models with a polycarbonate dome are IK10-rated for protection against up to 20 joules of impact.

Representing the most advanced HD-over-coax PTZ option on the market, Dahua’s new HDCVI 3.0 PTZs bring a new level of value to installers. 4MP image quality via coaxial cable, transmitted up to 700m and offering bi-directional data capabilities, make these PTZs a cutting-edge addition to a legacy analog system. To further maximize their customers’ investment, Dahua supports these products by providing a five-year warranty for authorized dealers.

Source: dahuasecurity.com

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