EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Storage Solutions

EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Solutions

Look to EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Solutions when you need to efficiently store, analyze, and manage massive amounts of video surveillance content. EMC Isilon has identified the video surveillance market and has teamed with leading video management systems (VMS) and IP-camera vendors. EMC Isilon scale-out NAS that’s been tested to work with video security equipment (not included).

Select from three preconfigured EMC Isilon Video Surveillance Solutions: Isilon X400 – 720 TB: supporting 250 cameras at 1080p and 30 days retention Isilon X400 – 1.4 PB: supporting 500 cameras at 1080p and 30 days retention Isilon X400 – 2.5 PB: supporting 1,000 cameras at 1080p and 30 days retention

Key features: Certified with leading video surveillance vendors including DVTEL, Genetec, Milestone Systems, Next Level Security Systems, Surveillus, and Axis Communications Simple to install, manage, and scale Increases efficiency: 80%+ storage utilization and automated data tiering.

Uses Isilon SmartLock software option to protect against altering or deleting video content Scales easily to over 20 PB per cluster to support more cameras, expanded surveillance hours, fine-grained video resolution, and longer retention times.

The EMC Isilon OneFS operating system provides the intelligence behind all Isilon scale-out storage systems. It combines the three layers of traditional storage architectures —file system, volume manager, and data protection— into one unified software layer, creating a single intelligent file system that spans all nodes within a cluster.

Enable client connection load balancing and the dynamic NFS failover and failback of client connections across storage nodes to optimize the use of cluster resources Protect […]

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