Emerson Debuts LED Wall Pack Luminaires for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Appleton LED luminaires are ideal for retrofitting legacy HID wall packs  to achieve lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs

Emerson has introduced Appleton™ IWL weatherproof luminaires, a new line of energy-efficient LED wall packs that meet the security, sustainability, and lighting output requirements of modern commercial and industrial facilities. 

Appleton IWL luminaries ensure safety for people and property by providing up to 15,000 Lumens of optimally distributed light when mounted on building exteriors and at outdoor entrances.

With the fixture’s nine field-selectable settings, installers can precisely match color temperatures and brightness levels to large or small outdoor areas.

When compared to conventional wall pack lighting, Appleton IWL luminaires offer notably better performance and dependability, particularly in applications where condensation and humidity are present. Appleton IWL luminaires are housed in a tough cast aluminum enclosure lined with silicone rubber gasketing and secured by stainless-steel bolts and pins, in contrast to standard wall pack lighting, which is enclosed in plastic. 

An IP65 ingress certification qualifies IWL luminaires for harsh outdoor areas in power generation plants, steel makers, cement, stone, and sand production sites, shipbuilding and marinas, pulp and paper plants, and foundries. Dependability is further strengthened by a broad temperature range of -40°C to +40°C (-40°F to 104°F).

“Wall packs are routinely damaged by outdoor environments, requiring frequent repairs and total fixture replacements. Also, the safety of employees is compromised when a wall pack is non-operational,” explained Frank Cunningham, senior product marketing manager at Emerson.

“Appleton IWL weatherproof luminaires are hardened to withstand outdoor environments without needing maintenance, and the housing design keeps water from damaging internal components. Plus, by harnessing LED as a light source, relamping is all but eliminated, reducing labor hours and lowering costs.

Upgrading HID Fixtures to LED Technology 

Facilities can decrease their energy consumption by up to 75% by replacing outdated HID wall pack fixtures with Appleton IWL luminaires incorporating LED technology. Depending on the model, the new luminaires deliver 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 nominal lumens with 121 to 165 lumens per Watt (lm/W), equivalent in lighting output to 100-watt to 400-watt HID wall packs.

In addition, wall packs are typically mounted several floors high in hard-to-reach areas, therefore requiring electricians to climb into bucket trucks or lifts to perform maintenance. Appleton IWL wall packs offer greater reliability and a much longer lifespan than HID —130,000 hours versus 20,000 hours on average— translating into virtually zero maintenance, lower labor costs, minimal downtime, and less risk to plant electricians.

Appleton IWL Series LED wall packs offer three field selectable color temperatures (CCT): 5000K Cool White, 4000K Neutral White, or 3000K Warm White along with wattage levels of low (5000W), mid (10,000W) and high (15,000W), covering nine possible lumen and color temperature combinations. 

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Source: emerson.com