Enhance Security with VideoXpert 3.6 and the Refreshed Evolution 360° Stainless Steel Camera.

Evo SS Camera

Pelco released their Evolution 360° Stainless Steel camera along with an update to VideoXpert.

VideoXpert 3.6:
This surveillance solution is ideal for anyone who requires a highly responsive and intuitive interface that is also interoperable and scalable.

New Storage Option: VxStorage now features a 200TB+ high capacity storage units with a smaller footprint.

Added Selection for Export Locations: This update allows you to specify an alternate storage location for any exported video, including those with password protection and USB-attached storage.

Customizable Event Notifications: When a camera, server, or recorder goes offline, you can now customize event notifications that reach only the personnel responsible for distinct aspects of the surveillance system.

Configure Bookmark Retention Periods: You can also customize the number of days you would like to retain their bookmarks or choose to store them indefinitely.

With VideoXpert v3.6, you can experience enhanced operational efficiency with a reliable video management system that suits a wide range of security needs.

Evolution 360° Stainless Steel Camera
This solution is ideal for industries with stringent regulations as well as a high risk of environmental damage and vandalism.

Electropolished Stainless Steel Casting: With an elegant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel IK10+ enclosure, this camera resists dents and tarnishing for those who monitor areas such as marine environments or industrial plants.

An Ultra-Rugged Solution: The Evo SS camera is the only 360° outdoor camera on the market that boasts IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69K water and dust ingress certifications, perfect for anyone who monitors vehicle washing stations and seaports. It is also NSF-certified, which complies with food handling regulations.

Total Situational Awareness: Choosing between ruggedness and 360° visibility is now obsolete with a 12 MP resolution that delivers a sharp image that can also stand up to the elements

With Pelco’s refreshed Evo SS camera, you will have access to a uniquely rugged and reliable video surveillance solution that suits a wide range of demanding environments.

Source: pelco.com