Flock Safety Launches Ethically-Designed Local and National Network of Automated License Plate Readers

Flock Safety

Flock Safety launched TALON, the industry’s first ethically-designed local and national network of automatic license plate readers (ALPRs).

TALON allows law enforcement to opt-in to sharing their Flock Safety ALPRs with other law enforcement agencies in their state or agencies in over 700 cities nationwide, providing near real-time information sharing across jurisdictions. TALON is available at zero additional cost to Flock Safety customers.

TALON is a critical new network of ALPRs for law enforcement because over 80% of property crime goes unsolved, and suspects don’t often stay in just one jurisdiction. Near real-time information, sharing can save agencies time and money, while clearing more cases.

“TALON works on an interconnected system,” said Pell City Police Chief Paul Irwin, “allowing us to view footage from other jurisdictions. That’s a huge advantage.”

Pell City, Alabama police officers recently arrested the so-called “ambush shooter” from Lamar County, Georgia, 170 miles away from an incident where the suspect shot a deputy and drove off in a white pickup.

Thanks in part to Flock Safety’s TALON network, the suspect was brought to justice. Today, Flock Safety cameras provide evidence for 400+ police agencies to solve crime in 700 cities across the country. 

The TALON network was built within an ethical framework, with strict adherence to the 15 recommendations put forth by the Policing Project and Axon’s independent AI ethics board.

“We founded the company with a belief that technology can help eliminate crime, but it needs to do so within an ethical framework,” said Garrett Langley, CEO of Flock Safety.

“TALON is an easier, more transparent way for law enforcement agencies to share the critical information needed to fight crime.”

Flock Safety is a crime-solving company that provides the most advanced and affordable security for neighborhoods, small businesses, and law enforcement.


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