Genetec Empowers Law Enforcement Officials With New Machine Learning-Based ALPR Engine


Genetec is unveiling AutoVu MLC (AutoVu Machine Learning Core), a new machine learning-based engine for Security Center AutoVu, its automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system.

AutoVu MLC replaces traditional rule-based ALPR technology with machine learning-based algorithms to reduce common ALPR misreads and false positives. A trusted supplier of ALPR monitoring systems, AutoVu serves end-users in law enforcement, parking, and critical infrastructure.

With AutoVu MLC, customers will be able to realize even greater plate-read performance, further reducing the incidence of false-positive reads to a fraction of a percent (measured at up to 70% reduction from traditional algorithm performance).

These performance gains also extend to include advanced vehicle analytics, such as State origin identification, benefitting police officers to act with increased confidence, knowing they are making decisions based on highly accurate information.

“Any time a plate is misread, or a sign or object is read as a plate, officers must stop and validate the information, resulting in lost productivity. By minimizing false positives and misreads, AutoVu MLC further increases our already high accuracy rate, and enables officers to get even more reliable data and greater efficiency out of their ALPR system,” said Robert Amante, Security Center AutoVu Product Manager at Genetec.

“Not only does AutoVu MLC further reduce misreads, it improves vehicle analytics, such as plate State recognition, providing additional insights and data for the operator. Officers benefit from higher reliability when identifying a vehicle of interest—empowering them to act decisively, based on credible information,” continued Amante.

The AutoVu MLC is available now as a firmware update for new and existing AutoVu SharpV hardware from Genetec certified channel partners and integrators. It does not require costly hardware upgrades and can run on AutoVu SharpV and most SharpX cameras already deployed in the field.  AutoVu MLC is expected to be available for AutoVu SharpX ALPR cameras in Fall 2018.

Genetec Inc. is a technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations.

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