HID Launches Card Personalization Solution to Streamline Mediterranean Passenger Line Rewards Program

HID Card personalization

HID Global announced that maritime company Attica Group has selected its HID® FARGO® DTC4500e High Capacity Card Printer & Encoder to optimize its loyalty program kiosks. The solution improves the user experience by instantly personalizing high-quality full-color membership cards and supports the continuous issuance needs of the loyalty program.   

In partnership with local IT company CubeIQ Limited, Attica Group installed user-friendly Seasmiles kiosks on 19 passenger ferries. The kiosks efficiently and securely capture new registrant data, process applications, and HID’s FARGO® DTC4500e High Capacity Plastic Card Printer & Encoders instantly issue membership cards.

“We have been working on card instant-issuing applications since early 2000, participating in a large number of projects for the financial (bank-cards) as well as the private (loyalty-cards) sector. Attica Group’s on-vessel Seasmiles kiosk has been one of the most interesting and challenging instant issuance projects for us,” said Andreas Papadedes, Managing Director at CubeIQ.  

In addition to enhancing the onboard experience, the integration of HID’s FARGO DTC4500e printer and encoder into the kiosks has helped improve customer loyalty. Within the first 180 days of deployment, loyalty membership registrations increased to more than 15,000 and the kiosks personalized more than 40,000 cards.  

“HID’s FARGO DTC4500e printer and encoder has been instrumental in helping us develop an award-winning innovative system that improves the travel experience of our passengers,” said Dionysis Theodoratos, Chief Commercial Officer for Attica Group.

“The automated process and quick issuance of the loyalty membership cards strengthens the relationship of trust with both our valuable customers and our brand.”  

Attica Group operates 32 vessels providing modern, high-quality transportation services in Greece and abroad. Attica’s vessels serve 60 unique destinations in four countries, connecting 71 ports transporting over seven million passengers, one million passenger vehicles and 400,000 trucks every year.  

“HID’s reliable, flexible and secure card issuance solutions are adaptable across a broad range of applications that support companies in their diverse business objectives,” said Craig Sandness, Senior Vice President and Head of Secure Issuance and Citizen ID Solutions at HID Global.

“Attica Group’s unique deployment of our printer and encoder helps drive efficiency for its loyalty program while offering its customers immediate and valuable benefits.” 

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