Is IoT Making Physical Security Smarter?


The possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) are seemingly endless, and its applications extend beyond being used by homeowners and commercial businesses. Although there are many similarities in the way IoT protocols are implemented, there are some differences that set them apart when they are used in a commercial setting or a residential setting.

When most people think about the features of IoT, the first trait that comes to mind is connectivity. Most people dwell on the convenience of interconnectivity between devices. This focus is not necessarily a bad thing, but it often stops people from seeing how they can implement IoT in a bid to make their physical security smarter and more efficient. Once you stop to ponder the possibility of smarter security, you begin to wonder how IoT is accomplishing this.

Most executives have a basic grasp of IoT, and are actively seeking to introduce greater levels of automation into their companies, but they overlook the ways this can impact security. This article will take a look at the way IoT protocols can be implemented alongside physical security, and explore whether or not this makes physical security smarter.

How Can IoT Be Implemented Alongside Physical Security?

Every commercial space that values its business, data, and clients focuses on physical security. At its core, physical security measures are merely meant to protect the interests of your company. Some basic physical security measures include the use of high-security commercial door locks, surveillance cameras, commercial safes, access control systems, etc.

In order to effectively implement IoT protocols alongside some of the measures that were listed, company executives should have an intimate understanding of the way their company works, the security goals they wish to accomplish, and the benefits or limitations of the physical security measures.

IoT can either aid or deter physical security efforts, but this all depends on how the automation solutions are implemented. For most cases, IoT protocols will serve as an auxiliary measure that either relays or monitors environmental data and actions that revolve around your physical security.

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