Legendary Finis Conner Back With New BluStor Secure Smart Card


BluStor unveiled a mobile security platform that protects the full stream of mobile security: device, user, and data.

To share its vision for what’s possible using BluStor, the company has launched a new website and video.

Countries in Europe and the Middle East, Asia, India, South America are seeking a platform that can provide secure identity authentication for health and national ID applications. Today’s smart cards are inadequate, and no alternatives exist to address this need. Hence BluStor, the smart card re-imagined: powerful, portable, personal.

“Unless you protect the full stream of mobile security, by using a solution that separates the keys to security from the mobile device, you’re not addressing the needs of the mobile world,” commented BluStor CEO Finis Conner.

Finis Conner’s career was launched when he co-founded Shugart Associates in 1973, where they produced and sold 8-inch floppy and HDDs. The company was sold to Xerox Corporation in 1977.

Then he co-founded Seagate Technology and then founded Conner Peripherals (eventually acquired for a tidy sum by Seagate), both of them very successful HDD companies.

Later he failed miserably with Conner Technologies launched in 1999 to produce low-cost HDDs and then with StorCard in 2002, a new venture offering a smart card integrating a tiny floppy disk. In 2008, he was involved in a start-up, iGotchr, without any relation with storage, developing an app package that enables PC/laptop to become a security device by detecting motion.

Over his career, his companies were responsible for creating in excess of 160,000 technology jobs.

Now he is president and CEO of BluStor trying to sell a platform, as an alternative to today’s smart cards, that provides secure identity authentication for health and national ID applications with the use of Bluetooth, cryptography, multi-factor biometrics, multi-gigabyte on flash, and including thin rechargeable thin rechargeable lithium ion battery. But it will take a long way to impose a new standard of smart card that needs standardization and the support of big companies.

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