Morse Watchmans Showcases Asset Management Solutions At ISC West 2018

Morse Watchmans is now bringing their extensive key management expertise to help organizations keep valuable assets secure – Bringing Inside-The-Box Thinking to Asset Management.

At ISC West 2018 Morse Watchmans will be showcasing their RFID-powered asset management system, AssetWatcher, at booth #12109.

“AssetWatcher gives our customer control over the management of important assets, including mobile devices, weapons, tools, and many other important items,” said Fernando Pires, CEO at Morse Watchmans.

“With smart, flexible and scalable asset management, items can be easily secured, monitored, and tracked.”

AssetWatcher is an RFID-enabled locker system that enables businesses to secure and track valuable assets.

Supporting over 10,000 users on a single system, the AssetWatcher RFID technology allows you to easily track who is removing or replacing an asset along with when and where in the system the asset has been taken from or placed into.

In addition, AssetWatcher has many features already proven on KeyWatcher, including SMS and email notifications, multi-site operation, multi-user capability, and scheduled reporting.

Equipped with three operation modes and offered in 10, 22, and 34-locker variants, AssetWatcher can also be adapted to suit a variety of applications and enterprises.

“Our solutions for key management have given us the expertise to craft the newest innovations in asset management,” continued Mr. Pires.

“By adapting many of the features that our clients have come to rely on with KeyWatcher, AssetWatcher can provide the highest levels of security and organization for assets.”

Morse Watchmans has been known as an innovator of high-quality, cost-effective technology. Specialized in state-of-the-art key management (KeyWatcher®), guard tour (PowerCheck®) and key ring (KeyRing) systems.