NETAVIS Releases sMart Data Warehouse Version 4.0

NETAVIS sMART 4.0 graphic

NETAVIS Software of Germany has released sMart Data Warehouse Version 4.0 that delivers a new set of features to provide the user with configurable information about their security systems.

sMart is now able to show how often cameras lose their network connection, which users most frequently accessed archive recordings, which cameras have the highest amount of perimeter intrusion alerts, or other information.

You can download the following versions from their FTP server:

Have you always wanted to know what is actually happening outside a specific location of yours? One can now use the wireless sensors to obtain frequency, dwell time, and returning customer information.

link between dashbords and maps

NETAVIS’ latest release also gives you the possibility to create links between dashboards and maps. For example, users can click on a map’s spot representing a store and then see a dashboard with detailed information about it.


sMart Data Warehouse 4.0 also includes various improvements on the system operations level. One can configure different compensation parameters per weekday. Furthermore, a user- and report-dependent logo was introduced, which enhances customization options on multi-customer systems.

sMart Datasheet – Introduces sMart Data Warehouse with Dashboards, Reports and Data Analytics.
sMart 4.0 Highlights – Describes the new functionalities in the latest sMart Data Warehouse release.
Installation Guide – Explains how to install, update, and maintain sMart systems.
Configuration Guide – Offers a detailed description of how to configure a sMart system in German language.
sMart Sensor Integrations – Provides detailed information on the sensors supported by sMart Data Warehouse.

Check out the Online Demo of sMart Data Warehouse 4.0 as a demo user (English user: demo, German user: demo_de, password: demo)! To experience all configuration options as an admin, request a demo license.


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