New Police Body-Worn Cameras Turned On By 911 Dispatch

As police departments around the world struggle with policies and procedures on the usage of body-worn cameras —especially when to turn them on— a new body cam and software solution is delivering on how to effectively get the camera to record at appropriate times.

Equature’s Interactive Policing® Real-Time Software allows individual body-worn cameras to be turned on by police management or 911 dispatch control based on the first responder’s operational policies.

Interactive Policing is designed for public safety professionals and integrates real-time vehicle and body-worn camera video and audio communications to first responder command and control centers so management can see and hear all citizen interactions live as they happen.

Interactive Policing turns every patrol officer into a mobile command and control center. Its real-time capabilities help officers capture witness testimonies live as delivered, identify their physical location by GPS in an officer-down situation, collaborate with other first responders in an active shooter situation, minimize evidence contamination and increase citizen interaction transparency.

Joe Mosed, CEO and Founder of Equature said, “Being a first responder is a tough and dangerous job. Interactive Policing increases police safety and citizen satisfaction transparency at the same time, and makes sure that every law enforcement officer is protected and never alone.”


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