Verint’s Nextiva Video Business Intelligence Solution For Retail Operations


Verint has announced the launch of key enhancements to its Nextiva Video Business Intelligence (VBI) solution, part of the Nextiva IP Video portfolio.
The VBI solution will help retail organizations capture and analyze shopper movement patterns to increase conversion rates and improve operational efficiency.

Nextiva VBI includes additional functions as Nextiva Retail Traffic Analytics, Nextiva People Counting, Nextiva Queue Management, and the ability to integrate with such existing business systems as POS, EAS, and RFID.

Nextiva distills the most significant intelligence from large volumes of video, security and business data, and delivers this intelligence wherever it is needed.

“Our recent enhancements to the Nextiva Video Business Intelligence solution leverage the power of video analytics to provide retail organizations with simple, relevant and actionable business metrics that are otherwise hard to obtain real data on,” says Debjit Das, vice president of global marketing, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions. “We are pleased to introduce enhancements to our VBI solution that will enable our customers to harness their video infrastructures to gain maximum business value and Actionable Intelligence.”

Powerful video management applications including video viewing and distribution, system health monitoring, and investigation management are some of the highlights of Verint’s Nextiva Video Management Software (VMS) system. Nextiva streamlines video security operations and helps you quickly make sense of the vast volumes of video and data captured.

Nextiva Video Management Software offers policy-based video distribution, networked video viewing, and investigation management to help security staff rapidly detect, act, and investigate security breaches and other threats.

Automated video system health monitoring helps IT staff manage large, geographically distributed video operations and streamlines video system uptime to help ensure video availability.

Nextiva VMS enables your organization to view live and recorded video to help make decisions around security, anytime, anywhere.

Nextiva VMS Highlights:

• Obtain real-time situational awareness;
• Quickly distribute video to any monitoring station;
• Customize your system with permissions that ensure trusted cameras have restricted viewing;
• Flexible user-interface with up to four screens and a 256-tile display for enhanced visibility;
• Mobile and web clients applications for easy remote access and viewing;
• Export video and investigation details with law enforcement and national agencies;

Verint offers a wide range of viewing applications for Nextiva Video Management Software, based on user requirements. From the full Nextiva Review client and web-based Web Review to the Virtual Matrix and mobile applications, security functionalities are integrated into a single user interface for optimal ease of use.

Actionable Insights
Verint helps improve decision making and drive operational efficiency by providing you with the information around what’s happening in your organization. […]


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