Qognify Announces New Vice President of R&D

Qognify announced the Yaniv Toplian as its new Vice President of Research and Development. As part of Qognify’s senior leadership team, Yaniv has a remit to define and execute the company’s R&D strategy to design and develop solutions that mitigate risks, increase security and optimize operations, through world-class research and innovation.

Based in the Qognify office in Ra’anana, Israel, Yaniv Toplian leads a global team that includes Product Management as well as software developers, DevOps and QA engineers.

He explains: “Our highly capable and committed team enables us to perform the full development life cycle, starting from the requirements definition through implementation, deployment and support for Qognify customers and partners throughout the world. We rely on state-of-the-art agile development methodologies that enable improved transparency and better quality of the results.”

A recent example of Qognify’s impressive R&D capability is the launch of Qognify VMS. The next-generation video management system (VMS) leverages advanced integration capabilities and enterprise-class functionality, combined with a low total cost of ownership, to maximize the outcomes of a physical security strategy. 

Toplian adds: “With Qognify VMS and Qognify EIM we can offer a strong combined portfolio for organizations that place a premium on security and want to manage the entire incident lifecycle in their control rooms.”

Yaniv Toplian brings over 20 years R&D experience and a proven record of delivering enterprise software to his new role at Qognify. He began his career as a software engineer in the telecom and IT software industry and has held leading engineering positions in companies such as Comverse, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NICE. He joined Qognify in 2019 as R&D Director.

CEO of Qognify, Steve Shine, states: “Research and development has been the cornerstone of Qognify’s past achievements and continues to be instrumental for the future success of the company, our customers and partners. We are committed to a continual program of innovation and improvement and Yaniv has the knowledge of the sector, the technical ability and management skills to lead our R&D group.”


Qognify helps safeguarding your world, focusing on the outcomes of customers, who place a premium on physical security. Providing solutions to mitigate risks, increase security and optimize operations, Qognify serves thousands of customers all over the world as a trusted advisor. https://www.qognify.com

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