Rapid Expansion Of Security Technology Creates A New World Of Vendor Partnerships

Rapid expansion of security technology creates a new world of vendor partnerships

The rapid evolution of security technology, especially devices on the video surveillance side, along with an expanding set of expectations among end users towards the technology they are being offered, has created a paradigm shift in the way business is now done. While proprietary systems remain the elephant in the room from an end user’s perspective, the inevitable march towards open architecture solutions meant to meet the requirements of myriad customized projects, has led to vendor partnerships that certainly provide a win-win for all parties.

An example of such a relationship is the cooperative partnership between Canadian software giant Genetec and its colleagues at Bosch. For more than a decade the software and hardware technology companies have forged a deep-rooted bond built on enterprise-level projects –the first being a major airport in France.

“If you talk to the pioneers, this was really one of the first true large-scale integration projects that occurred in the security industry. It was the first time we (Bosch) opened our technology to another partner because we saw the benefits each of us brought into the project,” says Markus Wierny, head of video product management at Bosch.

“Here at Bosch we live technology, we love technology. And it is the technology spirit that binds our two companies together. We bring the latest in video technology and edge devices that can be combined with Genetec’s great vision of enterprise software and functionality.” Wierny explains that as networks become burdened with more and more connected devices […]

Source: securityinfowatch.com

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