Surveon HQ-Branch Solutions Facilitate Enterprise Security Effectively

Living in the era of global village, everything is rapid change. To keep up with the pace, the large-scale enterprises need to take every movement of branches in control, ensuring every policy has delivered well.

HQ-Branch management, including central control, alarm synchronization, data retention and protection is becoming a great important challenge to enterprises nowadays.

Without integrating lots of systems and management tools, Surveon HQ-Branch security solutions provide VMS with easy remote deployment, advanced VA for alerts and post events search, storage with large capacities for 365-day recording, and local /remote replication through NAS or ISCSI, supporting headquarters(HQ) to easily manage all branches.

Enterprise Central Management


Unlimited number of cameras, users, NVRs, and monitors are supported in one domain architecture, Surveon Control Center (SCC) provides enterprises with an easy remote deployment. Its monitor wall can be set up with any combination of camera views, making HQ can be easier awarded every branch’s movements.

Active Alerts and Post-search for Events

Surveon NVR embedded 12 Video Analytics which can identify and initiate alerts for various user-defined events, offering effective monitoring, detections, alerts, and responses to events for enterprises. For example, Intrusion Detection can prevent uninvited people from entering the sensitive areas.

Moreover, the advanced Post VA Search provides enterprises an efficient tool to quickly identify useful information and relative footage from hundreds of hours of video recording, reducing the time and efforts of HQ security manager, making HQ-branch surveillance system more efficient.

Long-time Storage


The data retention of recorded videos and the system which can support hundreds of cameras record are great importance to the planning of enterprise surveillance. Surveon Enterprise NVRs provide large capacities for 365-day non-stopping recording, fulfilling the long-time storage requirements from enterprises.

Local / Remote Replication

Surveon NVR supports remote replication through NAS or ISCSI.

Enterprise can keep 1st copy in local branch and 2nd copy in remote HQ. If the source data fails due to system malfunctions or disasters, enterprise can leverage the remote copy to restart services in a few minutes.

Agribank, the largest commercial bank in Vietnam, and House Green, a home improvement retail chain in Taiwan, had adopted Surveon HQ-branch solutions.

“Different from PC-based NVR solutions, Surveon adopts a system design fully customized for surveillance applications. This offers higher value for SIs, including advanced levels of integration and stability.” said the Sales Director of Surveon partner in Vietnam.

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software.


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