Surveon NVR7800 Provides Security and Stable Platform for Water Treatment Plant in Malaysia


The Malaysia government water treatment plant possesses a vision to provide the best Water Treatment Plant with demand of high-security protection in the industry sector. Therefore, the highly reliable platform with the flexibility to expand storage by year by budget becomes important criterions to select surveillance partner.

Surveon NVR7816 ensures high video image quality with high throughput capability in addition to flexible JBOD storage expansion capability to become the best candidate for the surveillance ecosystem.

Hybrid Design for Best Price-performance Ratio
Surveon 5 Price and performance are always the key elements to help SI to win projects. Surveon NVR7800 Series was designed as a recording server with an archiving function that offers the advantages compared to traditional system structures composed of recording server plus a separate storage device, making it becomes the top choice for the water treatment plant.

High Recording Throughput for Smooth Transmission
Surveon-4The big scale industrial plant installs 50 to 100 cameras of each site in demand of high image quality. The plant needs a reliable system which supports recording with hundred channels and is able to transmit high-resolution images smoothly. The NVR7800 Series delivers a high level of recording throughput of nearly 2000 Mbps, supporting recording with more channels, allowing system to receive better video image quality by higher bitrates, and ensuring smooth transmission even with high frame rate.

Flexibility of JBOD storage expansion by budget
Surveon-3Support up to 316 drives with high density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure (maximum capacity of up to 3.6 PB with 10TB HDD). It supports to expand storage through JBOD by year, by timeline, by budget with best flexibility. This provides the government owned plant to expand facilities by year by timeline by budget.

Hassle-free Integration with Major 3rd Party VMS
The water treatment plant prefers a solution which is fully compatible with Axxonsoft VMS. The NVR7800 Series is 100% compatible with major 3rd party VMS, including Milestone, Genetec and Axxonsoft VMS with certification.

Based on Milestone test findings*, NVR7800 Series supports up to 150 cameras, more than twice Milestone’s benchmark level in a non-stop recording scenario. The system is even capable of supporting more than four times the number of cameras estimated by benchmark under the testing scenario where motion detection is enabled, giving medium to large projects the best price-performance solution.

“The hybrid server-storage design of NVR7800 Series gives us the best C/P value candidate. The enterprise-level RAID engine enables highest level data protection with RAID 1+Spare, 5+Spare, 6+Spare technology to support robust data protection even with HDD error.

Further, the flexibility to connect JBOD provides the high flexibility to extend recording time base on project demand. We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to working with Surveon next time.” said the administration manager of the water treatment plant.

Surveon Technology offers end-to-end network video surveillance solutions that showcase our expertise in professional camera design, RAID NVR, high-availability video storage, embedded firmware and video management software. All Surveon products are designed in-house and manufactured on our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production site to ensure the highest quality for our partners.


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