Synectics Appoints New US COO And VP Of Global Gaming

Surveillance solutions business Synectics has appointed John Roessler as US Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Global Gaming.

From making fast-paced start-ups ‘sale ready’, to identifying and implementing product development and service improvement opportunities for large corporates, Roessler brings over 20 years’ diverse business expertise to his new position at Synectics.

Formerly in charge of medical device R&D and project management at global pharmaceutical company Allergan, and more recently responsible for transforming software and hardware development, marketing, and supply chain structuring at virtual reality (VR) solutions business WorldViz, John is keen to apply his scientific knowledge and deep understanding of technology services in his role.

John said: “Synectics principal proposition is adding value through an end-to-end surveillance solution. The entire capability – including the expertise of a fantastic team of developers, engineers, and sector specialists – appealed to me and reflected my approach to business.”

“Working with VR solutions, my role was very much geared towards this. Pairing smart software with complex hardware to offer a single solution that meets customer objectives and ultimately takes away the headache of making it all work. In my experience, that is what all customers want, irrespective of sector, a quality solution that does what’s needed, when it’s needed.”

“This commitment to customer service is something my predecessor at Synectics was also passionate about, and I certainly intend to build on the great work he has achieved at Synectics.”

John Katnic, who previously held the role with Synectics since 2005, will remain as Chairman of Synectic Systems, Inc.

Synectics is a global leader in the design, integration, control, and management of advanced surveillance technology and networked security systems, for environments where security is operationally critical.


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