Dahua Technology USA Introduces 2MP PTZs With H.265

Dahua Technology USA, a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions proven the world over, has added five new mid-to-long range Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras to its Pro Series and Ultra Series. These new PTZ network cameras feature an ultra low-light, 2MP sensor, exceptional wide dynamic range, Starlight technology, and backwards-compatible compression options.

New Surveon IR Speed Dome Cameras Excels In Long Range Darkness

Surveon Technology, the end-to-end IP surveillance solution provider, introduced their new IR speed dome cameras, CAM6371LZ and CAM6571LZ for the premium series. The IR speed dome cameras present excellent low light performances with up to 30x optical zoom lens and the IR LED illuminator distance is up to 200 meters, allowing the security guards to catch any long-range objects under extremely low light environments, as well as improving overall security and safety.

Sunell’s New 2MP H.265 PTZ IP-Camera

Sunell’s has released its brand-new professional IR PTZ camera offering up to 30fps at 2MP with super image quality. The IPS57/21BDR/ZSC30 is Starlight camera and have high resolution video up to 2MP, Smart IR Range 150 meters in night vision, no matter whether in high contrast or in low light environments. Models IPS57/21BDR/ZSC30 are suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications, including government and industrial buildings, retail environments, airports, railway stations and schools.

Vanderbilt Eventys IP-Cameras/NVRs For Small To Medium Installations

The Eventys range offers variants of up to H.264+ IP compression efficiency and optimized codec technology, alongside two network video recorders (NVRs). With a simple set up procedure, these products offer outstanding functionality and flexibility and are perfect for small to medium sized installations. The Eventys IP-cameras feature 1.3MP to 2MP resolution with both fixed and varifocal lens options. Powering and connecting the cameras is a simple and straightforward exercise thanks to the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows energy to be supplied via the IT network infrastructure. This is coupled with automatic IP address allocation, along with auto-device detection and connection, making Eventys truly plug and play.