IDV Solutions

Visual Command Center Version 5.5 Powers Smart, Connected Command Centers, Provides Expanded Strategic Value

IDV Solutions announced the release of Visual Command Center version 5.5, which will power smart, connected command centers as they expand the strategic value they provide to their organizations. The market-leading command center platform empowers organizations to efficiently and effectively take command of risk through timely risk intelligence and response. With the launch of VCC Channels in version 5.0 and reinforced in 5.5, Visual Command Center now visualizes mission-critical information inside and outside the command center tailored to the jobs-to-be-done and the person doing the job.

IDV Solutions’ Visual Command Center and SureView Systems’ Immix CC Integrated

IDV Solutions, LLC and SureView Systems, LLC announced that the companies have formed a technical partnership and completed an integration of SureView’s Immix® CC video-centric event management platform with IDV Solutions’ Visual Command Center® enterprise risk visualization (ERV) platform. Using the combination of the two technologies, security operations teams can receive and process real time events from Visual Command Center in Immix CC and view live video from Immix CC within Visual Command Center.