Mitchell Kane

2017 Physical Security Industry Influencer: Mitchell Kane, President, Vanderbilt

The Security.World community voted during the summer of 2017 and selected the Physical Security and Video Surveillance industry’s Top 12 Influencers. This Profile is one in the series of 12 of those individuals that are making a difference in our industry. Congratulations to Mitchell Kane, President, Vanderbilt. We reached out to Mitchell to get his views and insight on what is happening in the physical security and video surveillance market.

A Seed Takes Root: The Vanderbilt Industries Story

In 2012, Schlage Electronic Security is spun off from Ingersoll Rand to become Vanderbilt Industries. In the following years, Vanderbilt has continued to stand on its own feet and grow even stronger within the industry. We caught up with Mitchell Kane, President, Vanderbilt, and chatted about how Vanderbilt has grown over the years. Kane has been with Vanderbilt for 32 years now and has seen the company, industry, and marketplace make significant changes over those three decades.