Delta Scientific MP5000 Portable Barrier Certified to ASTM M50/P3

Delta Scientific announced that traffic access control professionals can now set up MP5000 portable barriers on concrete, asphalt, compacted soils or vegetation in 15 minutes or less to provide certified M50 stopping power. Original models provide M40 protection while the new models stop 15,000 pound (6804 kg) medium-duty trucks traveling at 50 mph (80.4 kph).

Delta Scientific Introduces Higher Crash Rated Portable Bollards

Delta Scientific announced that its new patented crash rated TB150 portable bollard system lets law enforcement and other security providers promptly block access to temporary venues where vehicles can be used as weapons against large numbers of pedestrians. Individual portable bollards provide vehicle barricades in applications such as heavily traveled walkways and roadways or any area that a vehicle can get through.

Delta Scientific MP5000’s Protect Million+ Visitors at Orange County (Calif.) Fair

Delta Scientific announced that the Orange County Fair is deploying two Delta Scientific MP5000 portable barriers to protect 1.4 million guests over the event’s 23-day run. In addition, the fair organization also makes the barriers available to a 65,000 attendee pet fair, 45,000 guest tattoo fair and 200 other yearly events that are hosted by the fairgrounds annually. Delta’s totally self-contained MP5000 mobile deployable vehicle crash barriers carry a K8 rating.

Why Security Is A Critical Part Of Event Planning

Violent attacks have become the too-familiar headline of global news in recent years. From the assault in Spain that killed 13 and wounded nearly 100 to the Toronto attack that became Canada’s deadliest vehicle-ramming incident, public spaces appear to be under siege. However, coordination and preparation between venues, organizers and local authorities can help mitigate damage should an attack occur and even prevent violence altogether.

Delta’s Vehicle Access Control Equipment Protect The 2018 Commonwealth Games In Australia

Delta Scientific announced that Delta’s innovative MP5000 portable barrier systems were selected to protect people attending the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It was the largest sporting event in Australia since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Organizers required a vehicle access system that could be rapidly deployed and would create secure vehicle check points that carried crash-certification. Perimeter security measures were aligned with the recently implemented Australia and New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) strategy for the protection of places of mass gatherings.