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Wavestoreusa Releases New Version 5.44 VMS Solution With Support For Mobile Application, New Edge Devices

WavestoreUSA, a provider of professional digital video and audio recording solutions for video surveillance applications, announces the release of V5.44, the latest version of its advanced IP video surveillance software suite. V5.44 features include support for a new mobile application, increased storage, additional cameras per server and new levels of system expandability, along with greater […]

AxxonSoft Unveils Version 4.9.0 Of Its Axxon Intellect Enterprise

AxxonSoft has released version 4.9.0 of the Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM platform. This version is focused on new capabilities and features that are taking Axxon Intellect to the next level of performance and efficiency. Here are the key new features in the version: Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.9.0 transmits video and performs forensic search of recorded video on 64-bit computing platforms. This allows boosting security system performance. 64-bit versions of the Video and Forensic Search modules blow away the RAM limits that are inherent to 32-bit systems. This flexibility is essential at large and geographically dispersed sites, as well as at sites that make extensive use of HD video and forensic detection tools. 64-bit modules offer a performance boost, which can mean enormous savings. By reducing the number of computers needed to support a given number of cameras, this 64-bit modernisation can have a substantial positive impact on the bottom line. Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.9.0 is capable of multi-streaming, which means that it can offer several video streams from IP cameras. By dedicating a stream for video analytics, you can apply the full range of abilities of forensic video analysis at your site. Axxon Intellect 4.9.0 server is able to receive up to four video streams, which can be used for three different purposes: for display on a local monitor and for streaming to remote workstations; archive recording; video analytics. Multistreaming makes the most of its potential when combined with another new tool – Green Stream, which automatically selects the […]