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Video Surveillance Market Gets More Concentrated – But Not Mainly Through Acquisition

The year 2013 was a pivotal one for the video surveillance industry, because it was when predictions of market concentration started to become a reality. It was also when the estimated market share of the top 15 video surveillance equipment suppliers jumped 10 percentage points over the previous year’s share. In short, 2013 was when the video surveillance market finally started to mature. But that is not the whole story. Supply was —and is— becoming more concentrated, but it was not primarily the result of the many acquisitions the industry has experienced in recent years.

RESEARCH: Video Surveillance Market (Analog, IP) And Geography Analysis Forecast To 2022

This report provides valuable insights regarding ecosystem of this market such as product developers and application developers, OEMs, system integrators, middleware and firmware providers, suppliers and distributors, cloud-based service providers, camera manufactures, software developers, biometric sensor providers, video recorders manufacturers, and standardization and testing firms.