The Israeli Video Analytics Conference

Conference guests

We know how to install thousands of advanced cameras that cover open and closed, safe, and secured areas. We know how to store massive amounts of video footage. The question is how can we use all that information in order to produce useful information? What exactly do you do with all the footage you recorded? This was the focus of the second Video Analytics Conference, which took place at the IAF Center in Herzlia, Israel, organized by the iHLS news website.

“What exactly is video analytics ?” asked Arie Fishbein, former IDF Artillery Corps chief and head of the Iron Dome project in Elta.

According to him, birds and animals have been using video analysis for millions of years. The hawk can distinguish a tiny rodent at great heights, but humans have trouble making sense of recorded video footage.

The most significant element are the sensors, and integrating sensors into security systems provides us with a powerful analytical tool, helping us detect significant events in the ocean of data we recorded.

According to Mr. Yariv tens of thousands of security cameras are installed all over the world, but their installation alone doesn’t actually help us in any way.

“Cameras can’t stop crime or terror.” The challenge is the development of technologies that can use the raw data and provide users with useful information, helping us stop criminals. […]


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