LE Body Worn Camera Used by Over 4000 Police Agencies Worldwide


The LE3 is rugged, waterproof, and easy to use. The camera clips to a uniform to record both the actions of the wearer and those in its field of view. LE3 features include HD video resolution, 16GB internal memory, and up to 12 hours of record time. The LE3 camera is powered by VIEVU’s VERIPATROL™ software system. Video evidence is securely stored and cataloged with a FIPS 140-2 compliant digital signature process, to verify the video has not been altered.

Additionally, if the camera is lost or stolen, VIEVU’s VidLock security software will prevent unauthorized access to video evidence.

Camera Features:
• Selectable Video Resolution: 1280×720 HD or 848×480 Widescreen SD
• Enhanced Image Quality and Low Light Capability
• 5 hour Record Time; 12 Hours with Extended Battery Pack
• 16GB of Internal Storage
• Mute Functionality
• Local Time or GMT Date & Time Stamp
• Digital Signature Security
• Best Forensic Field of View: 68 Degrees
• Waterproof (IP65, Non-Submersible)
• Dimensions: 3″ × 2.1″ × .85″
• Weight: 2.8oz
• Compatible: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
• Green Design
• RoHS & WEEE Certified

Source: vievu.com

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