The Security of IoT Devices Relies on Secure Updates and Cyber Resiliency, says TCG

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To increase the resiliency of IoT devices from cyber-attacks, IoT manufacturers need to have a security-first approach and combine the latest updates and techniques, Sunil Cheruvu, Co-Chair of Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG) Internet of Things Work Group, said today.

Speaking at the IoT Device Security Conference, Cheruvu stressed the importance of preparing the best response to inevitable cyberattacks.

With the growth in the frequency and complexity of attacks, it is essential that devices are safe and uncompromised. Security must be a priority for all, not just when a disaster happens.

“A system is only as secure as its weakest link. To maintain the security and secure state of a device throughout its lifecycle, it is critical that the firmware and software on the device are updated to the latest version,” said Cheruvu.

“With the sophistication of cyberattacks, threats are not always so easy to spot. Post update verification and attestation are essential for determining a reliable attestation from the device and ensuring all information is secure.”

IoT devices is set to reach 50 million by 2030

As the number of IoT devices is set to reach 50 million by 2030, it is also important that security capabilities have an automatic way to recover a device to a trusted state, without requiring manual steps and interference. Ensuring cyber resiliency is essential to detect any compromise and provide reliable recovery to a trusted state for better protection.

To provide reliable attestations of devices, Cheruvu emphasised the importance of using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE).

The TPM provides a standardized hardware Root of Trust (RoT) to help measure integrity and provide health checks and authentication services. For smaller devices, DICE provides device identity, integrity reporting, and data protection capabilities.

“As the deployment of IoT heightens in popularity, it is crucial that system developers deploy and adopt a variety of measures to ensure devices remain safe and secure throughout their lifetime. Cyberthreats are growing in frequency and complexity, the industry needs to be assured that there is a safe, secure future for all, where information remains protected, and systems remain online.”

TCG is a not-for-profit organization formed to develop, define and promote open, vendor-neutral, global industry specifications and standards, supportive of a hardware-based root of trust, for interoperable trusted computing platforms. 

Source: Trusted Computing Group


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