TRENDnet Introduces 90-Watt PoE Support To PoE Product Portfolio With 4PPoE Solutions Line

TRENDnet® expands its line of PoE products with 90W-supported gigabit 4PPoE switches and a 4PPoE injector. The Gigabit 4PPoE Switches and the Gigabit 4PPoE 90W Injector will support the recently ratified 802.3bt standard, up to 90W of power per port.

Installers and integrators can save on equipment costs and reduce installation time with TRENDnet’s Gigabit 4PPoE Switches by delivering 90W 4PPoE power and networking data over your existing Ethernet cables.

With PoE technology, users only need one set of cables to deliver both data and power. Network PoE devices such as wireless access points, PTZ and other IP cameras, VoIP phone systems, IPTV decoders, access controls, and more.

“With 90W 4PPoE, the industry should expect to see growth in PoE-integrated installations and applications, such as digital signage projects, LED displays, video intercom systems, and IR lighting designs,” said Evan Davis, senior manager of solutions engineering at TRENDnet.

“Additionally, the IEEE 802.3bt standard now allows for PoE support on 10GBASE-T connections, greatly expanding available bandwidth and ultimately improving overall network performance.”

TRENDnet’s new Gigabit 4PPoE Switches are unmanaged switches featuring both 4PPoE ports and PoE+ ports. The 4PPoE ports support up to 90W of power per port, and PoE+ ports support up to 30W of power per port. Both Gigabit 4PPoE Switches include dedicated SFP slots to provide support for long distance fiber networking.

In addition to the high-power Gigabit 4PPoE Switches, TRENDnet adds the Gigabit 4PPoE 90W Injector to easily convert a non-PoE port (on a standard non-PoE switch) to a 90W 4PPoE port. TRENDnet’s PoE injectors offer an alternative to sourcing PoE switches, especially when only needing PoE support for just one or two devices, such as IP cameras or access points.

The 4PPoE 90W Switches and 4PPoE 90W Injector join TRENDnet’s already robust line of PoE, PoE+, and UPoE products; the 4PPoE injector also adds to our reliable line of industrial networking solutions.

TRENDnet’s 4PPoE 90W Switches and 4PPoE 90W Injector will be available in Q3 2019. Pricing will become available at a later date.

10-Port Gigabit 4PPoE Switch, TPE-UG102g

  • 4 x Gigabit UPoE/4PPoE ports
  • 4 x Gigabit PoE+ ports
  • 2x Dedicated SFP slots
  • 240W PoE power budget
  • 20Gbps switching capacity
  • Fanless design

18-Port Gigabit 4PPoE Switch, TPE-UG182g

  • 8 x Gigabit UPoE/4PPoE ports
  • 8 x Gigabit PoE+ ports
  • 2x Dedicated SFP slots
  • 440W PoE power budget
  • 36Gbps switching capacity

Gigabit 4PPoE 90W Injector, TPE-119GI

  • Full Duplex Gigabit speeds
  • Supplies PoE, PoE+, UPoE/4PPoE (90W) power
  • Network a PoE device located up to 328 ft./100m away
  • Converts a non-PoE Gigabit port to a UPoE Gigabit port

TRENDnet’s diverse product portfolio includes PoE, switches, Industrial, IP cameras, NVRs, fiber, Powerline, wireless, KVM, USB, and more.


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