Unicorn Ensures Global Safety with RAS Watch

RAS Watch

RAS Watch announced that a venture-backed start-up organization is leveraging RAS Watch Security-as-a-Service to help meet its expanding global security requirements. “Unicorn” startups are defined as organizations valued at or above $1 billion, and this brand is one of the fastest startups to reach this valuation in U.S. history. 

The company was growing rapidly and as their footprint grew, and so did their vulnerabilities. They sought new capabilities with their global expansion, including monitoring employees when traveling, increasing situational awareness, and reducing guard services.

They also needed the ability to monitor activity at its corporate offices and warehouses and augment its existing security personnel with an experienced outside support team.

The future of security

The company’s in-house security team wasn’t big enough to address these needs. It initially turned to an outsourced guard service provider to achieve its goals, but the decision became expensive and disruptive to their culture.

Faced with a deadline to ramp up security operations quickly, the company began evaluating other options. In the beginning stages of its search, the security leadership team was introduced to RAS Watch, a provider of GSOC-as-a-service.

From immediate introduction, they knew that partnering with RAS Watch was the best solution to focus on tackling security vulnerabilities would impede their growth.

Leveraging decades of experience and industry-leading expertise

Preparing a global organization to monitor and manage enterprise risk effectively is RAS Watch’s specialty. RAS leverages decades of experience and industry-leading expertise to navigate challenges and anticipate potential needs and outcomes and create an adaptable global security strategy that grows and evolves as business needs change.

With flexible and scalable configurations to meet any organizational requirements, RAS’ GSOC services can be integrated into a security program as a force-multiplier to the existing security program/team or deployed as a fully functioning GSOC across a company’s infrastructure.

RAS Watch delivers the opportunity to benefit from a mission-critical security program without investing significant capital, allocating real estate, administering technology, or managing a comprehensive operation. The RAS Watch suite of services uses state-of-the-art tools to protect a company’s people, assets, and brand, providing actionable intelligence in real-time through a service-based security program model.

New efficiencies and stronger security postures

By folding the RAS Watch GSOC services into its security operations, this startup realized new efficiencies and stronger security postures. The service was deployed within 30 days, on time to meet its global expansion deadline, and after 14 months, it saved more than $500,000 per year with RAS Watch compared to its initial configuration of scaling their guards and gates methods. More importantly, security and safety efforts have been effective, streamlined, and proactive.

With RAS Watch, the company was able to stop several in-process burglaries, and a fire was identified overseas — saving lives through early threat identification. The solution was also critical in coordinating with local law enforcement to extract and ensure the safety of an employee in a potentially dangerous situation and assist with the recovery of valuable, stolen assets.

“With RAS Watch, our security team can harness our data more effectively than we could in the past,” the Chief Security Officer said.

“We can now tap into far more intelligence to prepare our global organization to manage enterprise risk. And we are well-positioned to address risks more proactively.” 

Source: raswatch.com

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