Veratad’s Tom Canfarotta to Participate as a Panelist at The Privacy + Security Forum

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Veratad Technologies announced that Tom Canfarotta, Veratad’s Director of Strategic Accounts & Client Quality Services, has been invited to participate as a panelist on the “Beware the Dark [Patterns] Side: Thinking Creatively about User Experience without Sacrificing Compliance” at the Privacy + Security Forum on Tuesday Oct 15, 2019 at 4:00pm at The Marvin Center, Washington, D.C.

The Privacy + Security Forum breaks down the silos of privacy and security by bringing together seasoned thought leaders from multiple industries for in-depth conversations. Interactive sessions and workshops will deliver practical takeaways on stepping up privacy and security practices for all participants whether they are seasoned privacy professionals, attorneys, or policymakers.

The “Beware the Dark [Patterns] Side” panel will dive into the weeds of the real-world difficulties of building new products that also prioritize compliance and data ethics. In addition to Canfarotta, other panelists include Dona Fraser, Director at CARU, BBB National Programs, and Kathy Carpenter, Senior Attorney, Privacy & Data Security from Pokémon Company International.

“We’re looking forward to bringing our expertise in online identity verification technologies to the community developing products and games for children on the internet,” said Tom Canfarotta.

“As new technologies develop, the technologies used to verify parental consent for online programs targeting children must keep up to keep children safe online. We’re looking forward to discussing the innovative ways we can achieve and track Verified Parental Consent through data and biometrics that prioritize privacy with minimal added friction.”

Veratad’s IDresponse Platform delivers an entire suite of global age and identity verification solutions. Veratad’s COPPA Compliance solution verifies parents in real-time without compromising privacy and security and is delivered with pre-established verification rules designed to meet FTC COPPA requirements for Verifiable Parental Consent. All Veratad solutions are available via Veratad’s online portal or easily integrated through a simple API.

About the Privacy + Security Forum

The Privacy + Security Forum brings a variety of professionals together to break down the silos between privacy and security that encourage deep professional development. Sessions are designed for long-term development to help participants deepen and enrich their knowledge around privacy and security.

This forum is geared towards beginners and well-seasoned professionals alike, as long as their day-to-day responsibilities fall under the privacy + security wheelhouse.

Veratad Technologies, LLC is a world-class provider of real-time Identity Verification and Knowledge-Based Authentication Solutions for those who conduct business on the Internet or any business that needs to verify an individual’s age or identity.


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