Zentra Brings Resident Keys in Apple Wallet to Customers

Resident keys in Apple Wallet offer easy, secure access to multifamily buildings with a simple tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch

Zentra has integrated resident keys capability in Apple Wallet for use by customers and their residents. This enables residents to easily and securely add their resident keys to Apple Wallet and unlock their apartment with a simple tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch. With this new capability, residents are able to unlock their building doors, amenity spaces and individual apartment units without contact using their iPhone or Apple Watch —eliminating the need to use a traditional, physical key.  

“This new feature reflects our commitment to prioritizing the needs of multifamily property owners and operators,” said Dave Ilardi, senior vice president and president of Allegion Americas.

“We are excited to bring an enhanced living experience to residents, bolstered by improved security and streamlined operations.”  

Benefits include:  

Seamless, Secure Access with a Tap of an Apple Device:

Resident keys in Apple Wallet enable residents to conveniently access all their assigned doors using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. Once a resident key is added to Apple Wallet, residents can hold their device near a door’s NFC-enabled lock to seamlessly access secured areas. With Express Mode, residents don’t need to unlock their device to use their resident key in Wallet. If an iPhone needs to be charged, residents can still use their device to access their apartment with Power Reserve, an Apple feature.  

Operational Efficiency for Multifamily Properties:

Property owners, operators, and managers will benefit from the streamlined operations of Zentra’s solution. Resident keys can be remotely issued and managed, eliminating the hassle of physical key management and replacement. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances the overall resident experience.  

Secure, Private Access Experience:

Resident keys in Wallet take full advantage of the privacy and security features already built into iPhone and Apple Watch. Data is encrypted and protected against tampering and theft, and Apple cannot see when or where a resident uses a resident key in Apple Wallet. If their iPhone or Apple Watch is misplaced, the owner of the device can promptly use the Find My app to lock the device and help locate it.  

Currently, the Zentra and resident key in Apple Wallet solution is available on the Schlage Control® Mobile Enabled Smart Lock, award-winning Schlage NDE Mobile Enabled Wireless Cylindrical Lock, Schlage MTB Mobile Enabled Multi-technology Reader, and Schlage RC Reader Controller. Zentra has plans to expand its capabilities to the new Schlage XE360 Series later this year.  

Attendees of Apartmentalize 2024, taking place from June 19-21 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, are invited to experience live demonstrations of the resident key solution in Apple Wallet at Zentra’s booth #366. The Zentra team will showcase the solution’s capabilities, providing a hands-on look at the future of multifamily access control.  

For those multifamily professionals that are not attending this year’s Apartmentalize, they can contact a multifamily consultant from Zentra to learn more about the solution and how to implement it on their property. Zentra offers unparalleled security and access solutions, backed by Allegion, and designed with operators, residents, and multifamily integrators in mind.


Zentra is dedicated to enhancing the way people interact with their living spaces through innovative technology solutions. With a focus on resident experience and security, Zentra continues to lead the industry in smart access control for multifamily properties. For more, visit zentra.co.  

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