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Introducing VigilantHalo–BlueHalo’s Integrated Command and Control System for the Future of Uncrewed Airspace

The future of naAonal security will depend on our ability to command the nextgeneraAon of uncrewed airspace. To protect against tomorrow’s threats, BlueHalo has introduced VigilantHalo–a soMware-driven integraAon plaNorm for real-Ame airspace Command-and-Control (C2). VigilantHalo’s versaAle design supports mulAple missions including air traffic control (ATC), beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), and Counter-Uncrewed Aerial Systems (C-UAS).

Dedrone Launching Portable Counterdrone Security for Warfighters

Dedrone announced the launch of DedroneTactical, its agile CsUAS (counter small uncrewed aerial system) response kit, offering modular sensor-fusion and mitigation flexibility in the field, including Radio Frequency (RF) detect and defeat as well as camera and radar. All configurations leverage, the company’s AI-driven autonomous command and control (C2) platform that provides end-to-end CsUAS kill chain capabilities for dynamic situations in a portable solution. By leveraging, DedroneTactical delivers the fastest and most accurate CsUAS solution in any environment.