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Liteye Systems Awarded $12.1M Contract for Air Defense Systems

Liteye Systems announced the award of a $12.1M, multi-year contract by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to provide its entire portfolio of integrated multi-domain, multi-mission Air Base Surface and Ground Defense systems, including Counter UAS (C-UAS) solutions. The contract award demonstrates the DoD’s prioritization of air and ground defense platforms and the Department’s commitment to partnering with industry to develop technology and solutions to maximize capabilities domestically and overseas.

Liteye and Unmanned Experts Partner to Address Drone Swarms

Liteye Systems has partnered with Unmanned Experts to provide the hardware components to ruggedize the new AIR COMMONS™ – SWARM, drone swarm asset planning, management, and control system. AIR COMMONS™ SWARM technology enables command and control tasking, mission planning, and generation of a “Swarm Air Tasking Order” including resource allocation, asset-target matching, force management, and mission control.

US Joint Counter-drone Office Selects Top Teams for Installation Protection

Liteye System’s Inc. in partnership with SAIC was recently selected by the Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) to provide approved Counter UAS services and hardware to the US Government. Liteye was chosen as an important part of the SAIC team to protect fixed locations under the Counter-UAS as a Service (CaaS) model. CaaS is defined as Contractor Owned Government Operated (COGO) or Contractor Owned Contractor Operated (COCO) solutions enabling the Department to effectively Detect, Identify, Track and Defeat adversarial UAS’ while meeting critical affordability and funding realities.