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Sensors Provide Comprehensive Views—Without Compromising Privacy

Orion Entrance Control announced the release of Constellation, a small, discreet unit that utilizes state-of-the-art, close-range radar-based sensors that provide accurate, anonymous occupancy and wellness data in real-time. 

“Concerns about building safety and the well-being of occupants continue to be a top priority,” explained Steve Caroselli, CEO and Founder, Orion Entrance Control, Inc. 

“Now, with Xandar Kardian’s disruptive technology, security doesn’t have to come at the expense of privacy.”

Xandar Kardian was the first to commercially deploy digital radar signal processing in large, complex environments like international airports. Orion’s Constellation makes that technology accessible to organizations of all sizes.  Besides being lightweight (and compact in size), Constellation uses minimal power and comes fully-assembled, making it easy to install and deploy. 

“Orion is known for technologically-advanced products that make businesses, schools and other workplaces safer and healthier,” said Sam Yang, Managing Director, Xandar Kardian.

“This has been a terrific opportunity for us to collaborate on a product that can help make any building “smart”, dramatically reduce false alarms and provide organizations with significant cost savings through reduced energy and healthcare costs while keeping people safer.”

Constellation is easily customized for specific needs.

  • Star-IO: in and out counting helps to optimize space utilization by providing a count of individuals moving in and out of designated areas.
  • Star-PD: presence detection reports micro-movements, breathing and heart rate to determine the presence or absence of individuals.  
  • Star-ZC: zone counting is an occupancy counter that counts the number and duration of individuals in a given zone so organizations can optimize space management.
  • Star-FD: fall detection notifies security when an individual has fallen and confirms the fall with heart rate, body position and breathing signals. 
  • Star-VS: detects vital signs like breathing, heart rates and coughing to monitor the wellness of individuals.

Orion Entrance Control, provider of optical turnstile solutions and Orion Constellation is part of the Orion Occupant Sensing Solutions line that works with and for facilities that require security and oversight of the traffic coming in and out of their spaces.

Xandar-Kardian is Delaware C-Corp. The team behind XK has focused on radar digital signal processing (DSP) for the past 10 years and have pioneered the use of radar technology for proptech and healthtech.

Source: orioneci.com

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