ACRE Brands Prepare for the Future of Access Control with Mobile Credentials


Mobile access control is becoming increasingly popular as more and more organizations transition away from physical cards and keys.

In an increasingly technology-dependent world, individuals are looking to leverage their smartphones as much as possible, and mobile credentials can be beneficial for both operational and security purposes. Mobile credentials offer numerous advantages over traditional keys and cards and can serve as a safer and much more convenient alternative. 

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With the pandemic still causing uncertainty in businesses reopening, and employees returning to the office, mobile credentials are a touchless, cost-effective, convenient, and secure option for organizations looking to streamline their security while saving costs on hardware.

A few key features of going mobile

  • Cost-effective – Most employees, students, and residents already have a smart device that would allow them to utilize the access control system along with or instead of physical keys and cards, saving the organization money.  
  • Simple & Secure – Mobile and web-browser access simplify the access control process for the end-user, ultimately leading to less tech support. Because credentials are sent to smart devices digitally, the data is encrypted to protect each individual’s identity and credentials.
  • Scalable – With mobile credentials the need for more keys or cards when your organization grows is unnecessary. Simply assign more credentials to the new individuals that need them. 

“Access control solutions that offer mobile credentials or web-browser access are becoming increasingly popular.  It’s important to select a flexible system that will be able to integrate seamlessly with other third-party systems, as well as support mobile and web-browser access. Not only will this ‘future-proof’ the access control system, but it ultimately creates a safer and easier-to-use solution that can be relied on for years to come.” – Chuck O’Leary, Sr. Vice President Americas, Access Control ACRE

Questions Chuck and the ACRE team can answer

  • What does the future look like for access and building management with post-pandemic concerns?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of mobile access control or web-access solutions?
  • Who benefits most from a “hybrid” access control solution? 
  • Which security markets are embracing touchless, contactless systems and why? 
  •  What is the physical security industry doing to make more affordable and cost-effective technology solutions for end-users?  

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