Acuant And iDentyTech Partner To Boost Physical Security And Authentication

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Acuant has announced a partnership with iDentyTech to provide document validation for iDentyTech’s IDT physical access security platform.

The integration will enable efficient management of entry points into a property or facility, according to the announcement, with Acuant’s AssureID technology extracting biometric and other data from identity documents and applying more than 50 forensic document tests to authenticate them.

“Acuant’s partnership with iDentyTech allows our customers to use kiosks such as IDT Virtual Guard Tower for capturing identity documents and validating visitors on-site,” said Ephram Yeashoua, CEO of iDentytech. “With our Unified Management Platform, combining multi layers of automated identification technologies, a single guard can manage several entry points into a property or facility, ensuring only authorized people are allowed to enter. As a result, Security administrators can better secure their facilities with a great ROI whilst reducing criminal activity.”

Acuant recently published a whitepaper “Protecting Your Business & Establishing Trust: The Importance of Identity Verification and How Businesses Should Choose Solutions.

Acuant provides Identity Verification to instantly reduce fraud and increase revenue while providing a seamless customer experience.


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      When searching for an access control, you need a system which can deal with your building’s current requirements and adapt to the future. Most systems aren’t smart enough to make it possible for you to track each particular employee spends on any certain part of your premises. The system isn’t difficult to use and integrates with all your security systems. Without sound security practices and regular security checks, it will never be completely secure. Access control reader are not solely employed for preventing access to unapproved personal they’re currently being used as a means to track employees since they move around your premises. Access control methods supply you with the security you must ensure that you’ve sophisticated security solutions. For offices with higher security requirement, you will likely wish to think about the fingerprint biometric based access control system.

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      You might not consider access control when you’re planning your security set-up. Access control is the procedure for selectively restricting access to a specific location or area. It can also incorporate a host of other features which enhance other areas of the business. Biometric Access Control is turning into a more popular technique of site security. The biometric access control systems is perfect for premises that might be easily prone to illicit entry.

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