Aeroturn Turnstiles Announces New Integrations To The Latest Security Technology

Aeroturn turnstiles

Leading CT-based turnstile manufacturer continues to stay on the forefront of new security technology and integrates touchless facial recognition biometrics with its turnstile solutions at multiple locations.

Aeroturn announced that the company has managed to adapt to these uncertain times and take the reins of emerging trends. Aeroturn has been involved in the introduction of touchless facial recognition biometric credentials at multiple locations.

Development of a prototype facial recognition system

In the past year, Aeroturn along with its security integrator partner, Siemens-Beltsville, MD, developed the integration of a prototype facial recognition system.

While still under development of the facial recognition equipment; Aeroturn and Siemen’s engineering staff worked directly with a French-based facial recognition and biometric identification company to develop the nation’s first complete and customized biometric credential access control system.

Aggressive timeline

The biometric facial recognition turnstile deployment had an aggressive timeline set for completion and commissioning as the staff had a set date to return to the buildings in the complex.

Facial recognition

Aeroturn quickly rearranged the mounting system from a wall mount to a pedestal mount, which included a designed rear plate and fairing component; all while keeping the exact location and cone angle required for proper functionality.

Aeroturn ensured that the biometric credentials system location integrated properly with turnstile ADA passages and standard passages as well as carts and large package delivery.

Hybrid touchless system for military bases

In addition, Aeroturn catered to its government clients by developing a hybrid touchless system for military bases in the Atlantic. As turnstiles are getting more popular and commoditized, the product is not perceived to have the same value as it did in the past. Aeroturn’s team continues to educate the end-user and integrator about the importance of quality turnstiles and how important it is to keeping people safe with touchless solutions.

In response to the climb over protection equipment trend, Aeroturn has created moving height glass with an 82’’ aff maximum which keeps out potential threats that could climb over an average manufacturer’s 60’’ aff maximums.

“It is extremely important for the turnstile manufacturers to be able to integrate to new security technology and be just as reliable if not more than the traditional physical access control expectations,” states Michael Stoll, VP of Technical Sales & Marketing at Aeroturn. 

“Aeroturn’s turnstiles integrates seamlessly with the nation’s top access control systems, and we take pride in the durability we continue to offer our customers.”

Turnstiles will become extremely durable and reliable

Moving forward turnstiles will be required to be extremely durable and reliable to keep up with the ever-changing needs of security. This new push will be due to the increased security & safety protocols that will be in effect for the security personnel from the executive teams of corporations, governments & schools. Turnstiles are here to stay and will continue to help bring people back to the office safely and efficiently.

Aeroturn has been offering integrators and end users this century’s turnstiles that include a comprehensive range of turnstile products. With an engineering team that is second to none; the team has been together for over two and a half decades in the product design, development and manufacturing field and continues to lead the way in the security industry.

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