ASSA ABLOY Launches Expanded 360° Virtual Tour Across Education and Healthcare Markets

The Immersive Experience Features Security and Access Control Solutions for University, K-12 Administrators, and Hospital Professionals

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions announces an expanded version of its 360° virtual tour, which provides an immersive, interactive experience to illustrate the vital role of door security and access control in education and healthcare settings.

The ASSA ABLOY 360° Virtual Tour takes users on a digital walkthrough of three venues: a university setting, a K-12 school, and a hospital.

From the outside of the building to every type of room and door inside, the tour features informative learning opportunities with information detailing which access solutions are best suited to each unique situation.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to facility security,” comments Jeremy Saline, Sr. Director of Business Development, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas.

“Each setting has its own set of challenges and unique solutions, from the types of rooms to the doors, locks, and the multiple ways in which to manage access within each type of facility.”

The Virtual Tour walks visitors through best practices for managing access to education and healthcare settings, reflecting recent shifts due to major technological advancements as well as environmental situations, such as COVID-19 and school attack scenarios. 

  • Healthcare: there is a growing trend to low- or no-touch access with paddle-type trim and door arm and foot pulls; touchless wave-to-open sensors; and electronic access control (EAC) solutions that trigger automatic door openers. 
  • K-12: finding smart and efficient ways to protect teachers and students from unwanted intruders is essential. Solutions range from indicator locks that show if a classroom door is locked to electronic access control locks that enable centralized or local lockdown, allowing teachers to respond safely in the event of an emergency.
  • University: higher education campuses are focused on providing access to the right people in the right locations through electronic access and mobile credentialing. With vast campuses, large numbers of students and staff, and many buildings to manage, the right access tools are critical to maintaining safety and security.

“Being able to visualize these solutions opens up a whole new world to school and hospital administrators,” adds Saline.

“Ultimately, this isn’t about ‘locking down’ facilities. It’s about providing solutions that give educators and healthcare providers peace of mind so they can solely focus on their main tasks of teaching students and caring for patients.”

The virtual tour is available at: Virtual 360 Tour


ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions leads the development within door openings and products for access solutions and homes, businesses and institutions. Their offering includes doors, door and window hardware, mechanical and smart locks, access control and service. visit:

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