Bosch Introduces New Communicator For Seamless Two-way IP Communication

Bosch introduces the B444 Conettix 4G LTE plug-in cellular communicator, which enables seamless two-way IP communication over the Verizon 4G LTE cellular network in the United States. The B444 plugs into compatible Bosch products, including the B/G Series Control Panels, B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator, and the B450 Plug-in Communicator.

Cellular communication is a reliable alternative to the standard telephone infrastructure and enables end users to eliminate expenses associated with up to two dedicated phone line connections per control panel, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for alarm systems.

In addition, the cellular connection enables personal notifications of events via text messages or email to keep users informed of the status of their facilities, as well as access to the Bosch Remote Security Control app for command and control of their systems from a mobile device.

By replacing dedicated phone lines with cellular communication, the dealer or integrator can create a new recurring revenue stream for data service plans, while still reducing monthly costs for their customers. The B444 also provides dealers and integrators with a simple and reliable path for remote configuration, service, and diagnostics, helping to reduce labor costs.

The B444 is compatible with the Bosch Remote Connect Cloud Service, which further simplifies setting up communications for remote configuration, control, service and diagnostics. Cloud connectivity eliminates the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules or to use Domain Name Service (DNS) to access the intrusion panel remotely.