Bosch Video Management System Joins Ranks of PlateSmart ALPR Integrations

Bosch VMS

Bosch customers to have access to award-winning ALPR and vehicle recognition solution

PlateSmart Technologies has added yet another major VMS brand to its portfolio of integrations.

The company announced its flagship enterprise automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and vehicle recognition solution —PlateSmart ARES— is now integrated with the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS).

“PlateSmart’s ALPR software is the perfect complement to BVMS,” said John Chigos, CEO, PlateSmart Technologies.

“BVMS is flexible, scalable and ideal for any number of applications and industries. And now, those who take advantage of BVMS can also avail themselves of PlateSmart’s award-winning ALPR and vehicle recognition.”

Like PlateSmart ARES, the Bosch Video Management System is designed to integrate easily with an existing security infrastructure — a business philosophy that mirrors that of PlateSmart.

BVMS can also monitor up to 200,000 cameras (depending upon the edition), while PlateSmart also boasts the ability to read plates from a virtually unlimited number of cameras. Both aspects make the partnership ideal.

PlateSmart was the first ALPR company to use early forms of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of its software solution. Today, AI coupled with deep learning has allowed PlateSmart software to evolve beyond only ALPR into a true vehicle recognition solution.

“PlateSmart ALPR solutions can provide a wealth of actionable data to users,” Chigos said.

“This goes beyond the plate and its jurisdiction to include vehicle color and make. Soon we will be offering vehicle type and orientation. PlateSmart has been and will continue to be at the forefront of vehicle recognition technology.”

PlateSmart Technologies developed the original software-only license plate recognition (LPR) solution, PlateSmart ARES®, which is compatible with virtually all video management systems (VMS) and IP cameras.