CleanSwitch: Touch-Free Request to Exit Switch

  • Highly durable surface can be treated with any standard disinfectants.
  • Sends a request to exit signal through a deliberate hand gesture.
  • Quick and easy to install, includes an integrated short guide through the installation

CleanSwitch provides a contact-free, hygienic method of opening doors. It works by means of a deliberate hand gesture within the detection range of 4 to 20 inches – helping to stop germs in their tracks.

Thanks to its attractive design featuring colored LED feedback, CleanSwitch is an appealing, user-friendly addition to its environment. It takes just a few minutes to get the activation switch up and running.

The highly durable front can be treated using standard surface disinfectants in hospital areas. Even in moist or wet environments, CleanSwitch offers reliable protection that meets IP65.

Hygienic in every application:

Any place in which groups of people are found can be a breeding ground for germs and other pathogens. Contact surfaces —and in particular, door handles— are responsible for spreading bacteria and viruses. This becomes critical when it affects healthcare facilities, as well as industries involving food preparation or public sanitary areas.

CleanSwitch provides a contact-free method of opening doors, thus helping prevent the spread of germs. CleanSwitch can be treated with any standard cleaning agent or disinfectant.

Reliable and easy to install

CleanSwitch is extremely quick and easy to install. Set-up of the device is an intuitive process that requires no tools – and the integrated short guide provides a helping hand.

Available Models:


OPTEX is a sensor manufacturer and has proven experience with sensing and detection systems.


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