Suprema Achieves Seamless Integration with Paxton’s Net2 Access Control

Suprema Paxton

Suprema announced that it has integrated its devices with Paxton’s access control system, Net2. The integration will enable organizations to use Suprema’s devices in combination with Net2.

Clients using Paxton’s Net2 can now easily add Suprema fingerprint or face recognition devices to existing PIN or RFID card-based access control systems by installing Suprema Integration with Paxton Net2.

The integration lets Suprema devices communicate with a Net2 controller via Wiegand by matching the users’ biometric data with corresponding card data that the Net2 system can recognize.

Suprema Integration with Paxton’s Net2 is truly flexible and scalable. It enables Net2 clients to utilize Suprema devices’ full functionality. Admins can perform tasks such as searching and adding devices as well as upgrading firmware all on the single application.

The Integration’s Enrollment Helper feature allows users to enroll on Net2 without running the Suprema Integration itself. Users can also enjoy the convenience of registering directly from the Suprema device.

User data is synchronized in real-time between the Suprema Integration and Net2, making user management easier than ever.

“The integration of Suprema’s devices with Paxton’s Net2 is a great advancement that combines top class solutions in access control and biometrics.

The new Suprema Integration with Net2 will allow customers to experience Suprema biometrics and strengthen security without having to leave the Net2 system,” said Young S. Moon, CEO of Suprema Inc.

Suprema is a provider of access control, time & attendance, and biometrics solutions. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has introduced innovations to the security industry over the last decades.

Paxton design and manufacture solutions for a range of buildings, including education, healthcare, retail, leisure, commercial, the public sector and more. Paxton secure buildings across the world and have brands such as Manchester United, graze, Michelin, Sky Deutschland, and Foyles among their customers.


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