Commend Enhances Video And Audio Interoperability with SureView Partnership

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Commend Americas announced that it has completed its integration with SureView Systems to enable global organizations to unify audio and video in order to improve security response.

The combination of Commend’s unified communications technologies with SureView’s command and control platform allows joint customers to tap into new opportunities to combine audio with critical security data and monitor mission-critical environments with increased reliability.

SureView’s platform consolidates a wide range of security, business, and IoT solutions into one interface to improve response and situational awareness. By combining audio and command center functionality into one platform, organizations gain a complete view over a facility’s security infrastructure while enhancing the protection of people and assets.

“Our strategic partnership with Commend empowers us to provide more communication options and features to address our customers’ evolving security requirements,” said Sean Garcia, SureViews’s Director of Enterprise Sales  

“By integrating with Commend’s unified communications offerings, we can provide customers with a layered security solution that delivers greater awareness to manage security risks more proactively.”

Through integration into SureView, the Commend unified communication systems will allow end-users to leverage robust intercom and video connectivity within any facility. Thanks to the flexibility of Commend’s solutions, the integration holds the potential for incorporating a wide range of powerful audio and communication support in the future.

“Close partnerships with technology partners like SureView Systems expand user flexibility by offering more choices to expand security infrastructures seamlessly,” said Tom Reilly, President, Commend.

“Our focus on ensuring integration with other leading solutions isn’t just good practice; it’s a core mission of Commend globally. By working together, we can create powerful tools to deliver the highest level of security.” For more information or to see a demonstration of the integration, visit with Commend at ISC West.

At Commend the mission is to translate this passion into intercom and public address solutions that you can always trust to support and protect your business, reputation, assets and lives. visit

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