CrossFit Gym Solves Security And Budget Challenges With 3xLOGIC

3xLOGIC Crossfit Fishers

3xLOGIC announced that CrossFit Fishers (IN) has completed installation of a 3xLOGIC-innovated Audio and Video Management system, backed by around-the-clock monitoring performed by Sonitrol.

The integrated audio and video functionality is the centerpiece of the recently-introduced Sonitrol TotalGuard–package. The TotalGuard solution consists of one or multiple Sonitrol Multi-Sensors that act as a standalone IoT panel.

The Multi-Sensor, innovated by 3xLOGIC, is a cube style, 2MP camera that goes far beyond just an IP video camera. For CrossFit Fishers, the TotalGuard™ solution is comprised of 3 Multi-Sensors that also monitor perimeter doors via wireless door contacts.

In addition to impact-activated audio intrusion and motion detection, TotalGuard also records video to the onboard SD card, with full search capabilities and playback.

A true all-in-one product, TotalGuard is a feature-rich solution that uses multiple technologies to deliver unmatched facility protection with built-in impact activated audio, video verification and recording, PIR, and glass break detection–all controlled via the Sonitrol Mobile App

Pam Torrence and her husband have owned CrossFit Fishers for nine years. They service a clientele of 130 workout enthusiasts, ranging in age from 15 to 60. The facility has a standard size office and a front entrance with full glass windows. The workout part of the building is large, with 26-foot high cement walls in what resembles a warehouse space. Total facility size is approximately 7,800 sq. ft.

“Recently, nearby businesses have been broken into and when front doors are not being monitored, intruders have been going through our customer’s personal effects and stealing items,” related Pam Torrence. “We wanted to provide protection for our office space and for our customers’ belongings. We also wanted a safe environment for our customers and staff, but I was reluctant to purchase a security system given how large our facility is. Being a small business owner, I just didn’t think we could afford it, and I really couldn’t handle the downtime for a long installation and training period.”

Torrence continued, “The TotalGuard™ system installation was done quickly and efficiently, and within just five minutes I was able to navigate the Sonitrol mobile app all the way through. Other solutions we considered had multiple panels, and we would need a server. With Sonitrol and 3xLOGIC, it was all in one, everything within the camera, quick installation and no big upfront costs.”

Three Multi-Sensor devices provide Crossfit Fishers with complete volumetric coverage, total video and audio intrusion coverage, and the system was installed and up and running in less than four hours.

The Total Guard Solution, building on 3xLOGIC innovation, is the most powerful commercial feature set at a price that fits the budget for even the smallest business owners. Total ease of installation is achieved by developing an automated, cloud-based programing tool. Just a simple scan of a QR code from a smartphone and installation is virtually complete!

“With Sonitrol monitoring my business 24/7, I can sleep at night knowing that what I’ve worked so hard for all these years is well protected,” Pam Torrence, CrossFit Fishers.

Sonitrol is the industry leader in verified electronic security and provides customers with a single source of integrated security solutions for intrusion, video, access and fire. Sonitrol’s ability to verify intrusion, through patented technologies, in real-time offers unrivaled credibility with law enforcement.

3xLOGIC Inc. has been a leading innovator in server and cloud-based security technology for 15+ years.


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